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Welcome back Corps members. We have reseted the forums, but unfortunately their isn't an option in freeforum to reset post counts. Have fun!
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 Welcome to the Corp.

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Corp.   Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:03 pm

-Clan Recruitment Policy:

Everyone is allowed entry. This clan is SOLELY built for the purpose of entertainment, socialization, and a general respect for all of the players in the clan. Member's NOT allowed entry are ego'ers, cheaters, flamers, swappers, hackers, and botters. All you need to do to request a position in the clan, is post on this Section:


-Clan Rules:

Rule #1. No disrespect is tolerated. We keep it to a minimum. Friendly ego is normal and welcome, because it brings about the point of GunZ: The Duel; Doing your best to overcome a challenge.
Rule #2. Keep language family-oriented. It's not so much a rule, as is a suggestion, doing such shows a level of maturity and usually garners respect from members of all age groups.
Rule #3. Respect the authority of ANY superior. It's always a smart idea to listen to what your supervisor tells you to do. If any Administrator abuses his rank in my clan in any way, screen-shot said abuse, and report it to me immediately on this Thread, or through a private message.
Rule #4. Clan warring is only for anyone who believes in themselves. If you do not think you have the ability to war with a high skill level, do not do it. Always choose your battles carefully, never rush into one. We're not a competitive clan, but we do not want to look like a careless clan either.
Rule #5. Always try to be helpful to regular members. Not everyone has the gift of average intelligence as you and I, so do your part for the community and help your fellow man. Not only does it show you to be a good person, but you normally also receive a nice thank you, and an amount of respect from the individual, which is always great to have.

-Clan Administration Policies:

Administrator's of DaggerCorp(s) are expected to: follow all of the rules above, treat clan members and regular Freestyle members respectfully to a higher extent, provide that you are a dangerous foe to me in combat in the Mansion in an Attack and Defense-style match, also, no donation items whatsoever in the match, keep members of our clan in line and not recruit any harsh egotists, flamers, hackers, botters, cheaters, swappers, the like, and last but not least, enjoy the game often as possible.

-Becoming an Administrator:

Normally, we will personally ask you, followed by you dueling 1 or more other Administrator's, then lastly dueling me. If you win against at least one of us, I'll make you an Administrator. Only 5 clan Administrator's will be in the clan at a time, unless extremely talented persons complete specially assigned tasks for me.

-Clan Goal:

To provide all members of Freestyle GunZ an example of good teamwork, exceptional leadership, and friendly gaming. Our goal is to bring back what Freestyle GunZ used to be, an overall good place with barely any ego or flaming whatsoever.

-Clan Back-Up:

In the event I become inactive, the Corp Leadership shall fall onto my current Top Co-Leader, who in this case is ^1Red^2beek, who will continue clan activities and such without me until my return.

-Clan Motto:

"Do what is right by thy brother, then by thyself. Selflessness is the path to righteousness."


Corp Leader:




Corpsmen Administrator(s):












We currently have, as of this edit, 12 Corpsmen in DaggerCorp!

Clan Records:

01-13-2012 ~ Hit 60 members!

01-13-2012 ~ Had 16 members on at one time! https://2img.net/h/i618.photobucket.com/albums/t...68/Gunz093.jpg

01-18-2012 ~ Hit full clan, everyone is active, so we've remade DaggerCorp through another Clan titled "DaggerCorp2", led by Zack! **Clan is gone now.

01-21-2012 ~ Every room(excluding private rooms) at 110 PM EST in the main channel contained at least 1 DaggerCorp or DaggerCorp2 member.

08-27-2012 ~ There are currently 446 replies, and 17,806 page views for this specific page, making it the second most popular Freestyle Clan of all time behind Esperanto!
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Welcome to the Corp.
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