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Welcome back Corps members. We have reseted the forums, but unfortunately their isn't an option in freeforum to reset post counts. Have fun!
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 Forum Moderator Application Format.

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PostSubject: Forum Moderator Application Format.   Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:40 am

The following is the format required to apply for a position as a Forum Moderator. All application's are expected to be in said format, or they will be denied instantly. If you can not read the Thread that pertains to the position your applying for when it is openly viewable, you do not deserve the job.

Forum Name:

Real Name:


About Me:

My knowledge of the Terms of Service:

Experience/Past Employment on other Forums:

My Activity:

Why I should be accepted as a Freestyler's Crew Member:

What other languages I speak:

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Forum Moderator Application Format.
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